Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Duck Hunting Extravaganza or Dud

I recently started to duck hunt again after 15 years.......Wow has it been that long!!!!  Despite little success and really knowing what we were doing it was fun.    I am not sure why it is so fun.  Could it be just being outside or sitting in a blind with my buddies?   I am damn sure it was not shooting ducks.  I have yet to get a shot off.  Either way it was still fun.

Jeff in a Blind, but it looks more like he is ready to hit a 7-11

The first outing we walked and walked and saw little ducks.  The second outing we set up a blind and chased decoys all day.  Finally the last outing we had a blind but it was muddy and hard to walk out in the chest deep water to get to it.  We abandoned all hope of hunting that day.  Next year will be here and we will be prepared.

 All in all it was fun.  What next you ask?  Pheasant hunting and a good time shooting for all.


Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A weekend outing with my son

My son Paul II is getting older and starting to enjoy hunting more.  He recieved his first .22 a very nice Henry’s youth, and recently very nice 410 shot gun.

Paul II and I went out on his first camping shooting trip, we took out our Flintstone trailer.   This trip we accomplished two things.  First we got to do a trial run in Flintstone one (our little trailer), second PP II had a chance blast clays with his .410.   Both were fun activities.   

PP is getting to be such a good shot, he gets that from his mom :).  We shot a 5 station clay station.  At one of the 5 stations he took aim at a clay that was moving across the ground and bam took a large chunk out of it. 

There is no better feeling as a father than to see his son take pride and enjoy something that we enjoy together.  Next spring PP will get his hunting license and I can’t wait until I can take him into the field to hunt. My hope is his grades continue and he gets to attend the 2012 Deer hunt.   This will fulfill a life long dream.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Family Fun

 Family Fun

My boy is growing fast, and its amazing to see him transform into a man.  My wife and I are really enjoying introducing him to outdoor activities.  He is learning to shoot and to fish.  I can’t wait until he gets the time to hunt with me, and that tradition is passed down to the next generation.  This year will be the first hunt with him in but he won’t be hunting. 

The activities we have been doing have been mostly around the house, but I would like to take him deeper into the woods and wheeling with some buds.

I took my wife shooting and she never stops amazing me, she walked up and sighted in (first time shooting this .22) and blam hit the bull’s-eye right in the middle.   She is such a good shot, it scares me!!!
Here are some pictures of her shooting at the local yard.

I hope you enjoy our page, and the information about our family

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Hunt 2009

The Hunt is the Hunt 2009

The Hunt 2009 was a blast. First new year for the Jeep and I had fun with Sheldon and Pete. This year was a hot year 104 in Weaverville was not fun, but we made the best of it. It was nice hunting in the Jeep, but not fun detailing after the dust took over.

We did not see any bucks, but did see 6 doe, sheldon rode in the backseat and said he felt like a window gunner in Nam. Sheldon could get up and out of the Jeep chamber a round before his feet hit the ground. quite impressive.

MMMM Jerky

We traveled up to the lookout above Weaverville about 9,000 feet with a great view of the valley. This scared the hell out of me we had to drive along a cliff side to get to our goal. Long drive no deer, but still a beautiful drive.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday


Today is my boys 8th birthday. Wow how time flies by!!!!! I remember when he was born, seeing my wife holding him and dreaming about the hunting and fishing events to come. I reflect today his 8th birthday and can’t explain how proud of a father I am. My son loves to fish and is anxiously awaiting his 12 birthday so he can join the hunt. Traditions continue. I am so proud of my boy, he has a great personality is kind gentle and companionate. He is showing that he can fit in academically, and still go out into the woods and be a mountain man, well at this point Mountain boy.

Yesterday I went to see my cousin and hunting brother Sheldon and his wife April, he is also very involved with my sons evolution from a boy into a young man and I have no doubt he will be involved with him from young man into Teenager and then into a man. I had purchased my son a daisy BB gun two years ago, it was a pain to load a pain to cycle the lever and even more of a pain to pull the trigger, although this BB gun was not conducive to shoot my son was still a very good shot. Yesterday my son opened his present from April and Sheldon and it was a nice pump action Daisy Pellet pistol. Very nice!!! My son was excited to try it out this weekend and he is looking forward to blasting cans.

My hope in life is I can start something that will be continued to with my sons son and then his sons son….Lets see that would be Paul IV.

At the end of the day that is all we can do as parents.


Duck Hunting Extravaganza or Dud

I recently started to duck hunt again after 15 years.......Wow has it been that long!!!!  Despite little success and really knowing what we ...